Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Family Commercial

I always loved my dumbphone. People could call me, I could call people, and every once in awhile I could talk to people at the same time. If someone had the gall to send me a non-plan text message I would take the next 10-20 minutes to peck my way through the 123456789 alphabet system to respond with something clever like "sounds good". If I was not at my computer, I could not receive an email from you, and I could also use that as an excuse for work - "Sorry I can't stay longer, I don't have internet access here." Friends and coworkers have had more advanced phones for years and years, always taking the time in the middle of our in-person conversations to ignore me and read an email or text message from someone else. I would continue on with what I was saying, knowing all the while that I would have to repeat whatever it was I just said when the person returned their attention to me from the phone. I'm a fairly technologically inclined person, so I'm not sure what kept me away from the smartphone. Part of it must have had something to do with being a person who enjoys gadgets and technology, yet for inexplicable reasons held on to a years-old phone with a missing battery cover. Even without the technology that everyone else seemed to enjoy so very much, I got along more than just fine.

Over the past several months, work has required me to be increasingly mobile. This mobility has required longer stays at various locations all around the southeast corner of Michigan, and at most of these locations I did not have access behind the corporate firewall. Without this access, I was going days without internet and this was actually starting to put a hamper into my productivity and usefulness.

This, and one other piece of information, finally gave me the push I needed to jump up to 2005. Last weekend, I purchased a Palm Pre Plus and added the necessary unlimited data plan. Why a Palm Pre Plus instead of an iPhone or Blackeberry, you most certainly are asking right at this very second? A few very good reasons.

First and most importantly, starting last week, Verizon starting offering free 3G tethering through the phone for up to 5 devices at a time. That is a pretty big deal. This means that if I have my phone with me, I can access the internet on my laptop pretty much anywhere in the country. I can stream internet radio, watch my Slingbox, send and receive sizable work emails, and any of the other sordid internet things about which you are currently thinking. It's free! Literally, free. The only downside is that I'm limited to 5GB a month without incurring additional fees, but 5 gigs is pretty generous for this type of internet usage. Second, I hate how many people would legally marry their iPhones if given the opportunity (maybe in Vermont), and I like to throw my support behind the down-and-out guy (see: my support and love of Michigan). Third, the operating system (webOS) is pretty phenomenal. It's not absolutely perfect, but it is possible for me to do two (and fifty) things at the same time on the phone. 2 > 1. Finally, a much beloved family member recently took a job at the fine company responsible for this software and hardware. If you can't get behind a family member, you should go and marry your iPhone in Vermont. Look out, world - I can send a text message in less than 3 minutes.


Ken said...

I write this knowing that the iPhone OS 4.0 press conference and subsequent launch are immediately around the corner, but what are you gonna do.

CraigF said...

wait a minute here -- are you implying the civil union I have with my iPhone (only legal in Vermont) is weird?

congrats on upgrading to a phone that is smart.

Pam said...

Congrats on the Pre! I love mine - best phone I've owned. :-)