Friday, April 24, 2009

New Marketing Approach: Our Air Won't Kill You Any Faster

A couple days after Earth Day, 2009, let's all take a moment to celebrate this article from The Detroit News. I have some Simpsons reference on the tip of my brain based on the reading, but I just can't bring it to full recall, so you and I will both have to imagine that whatever I was going to say here was going to be absolutely hilarious.

In the article, it states “Metro Detroit and its surrounding counties now are considered within the federal standards for the amount of smog in the air.” This indicates that prior to April 2009, Metro Detroit was not within federal standards for the amount of smog in the air. I would be interested (and probably could find out with the slightest bit of research) to find out if metro LA meets EPA standards and other places that are known for their smog and other gross air thingies. Michigan should really latch on to this type of standard-matching feedback and develop some momentum behind it. “Michigan: The number of people who die in factory accidents is not significantly greater than other states.” I want to celebrate our no-longer-failed grades in air quality, but it’s too bad that this topic even required a mention. It’s not like you would say to someone on your first date “Good news Jill ! I no longer have herpes.” Maybe you would say that on your first date, but then it is very unlikely that you are the kind of person who has first dates.

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AlexJD said...

It could be that this type of person has tons of first dates, but very very few second dates.