Friday, April 24, 2009

Auto-Tune is Ruining the World

I'm not normally one to throw in a video that is completely irrelevant to anything else, but I saw this just a few minutes ago on TV Squad and I thought it warranted further exposure to the We Are Of Michigan family (and we are family, so get ready to give me your kidneys when I need them). There are two reasons why I wanted to include this video. First, I haven't had anything multimedia (even non-moving pictures) in my blog in quite some time. Second, this video is based on a technology called Auto-Tune that I absolutely hate (you can read more about it here). This technology takes anything that you are saying/singing, and puts it exactly on key. It's nifty technology, but it completely removes the need for actually having talent. It's a performance enhancer, just like steroids, viagra, or my pheromones. If Auto-Tune is legal for artists to make billions of dollars performing, why is it not OK for athletes to use steroids for the same purpose? I'm not saying that I am pro-steroid use (definitely not), but I feel this is an apt analogy (otherwise I would not have attempted to use it). If you require technology to make you sound good, you shouldn't be in the business of sounding good. There have also been numerous artists who do not sound good and still have figured out how to make money with their talent (Neil Young), so stop cheating already! Auto-Tune is Ruining the World, and you know it's true as soon as Katie Couric and Hillary Clinton have teamed up in a single that could legitimately make it onto the Billboard Hot 100. However, this video is pretty cool and I have no problem using Auto-Tune for this kind of thing. Shawty.

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