Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Timing is Everything

By my calendar count, we have 7 days until the due date of one baby male human being, probably preliminarily incapable of both speaking and basic calculus. When I found that out, I said to Maureen "why even have a baby?" She then informed me that on top of these developmental facts, your average child can't understand sarcasm until they're 10, to which I responded "well isn't that GREAT."


CraigF said...

wait a minute...your baby won't be able to do even basic calculus?


I suggest you help Maureen sleep at night by reading her passages from a calculus textbook. Nothing induces sleep (and prepares a 1 day yr old for a math test) like the fundamental theorem of calculus

BobA said...

I have also found out that most people don't appreciate sarcasm after 50 either.